TV Episode and Single with NZ On Air and TVNZ on Demand

Marianne Leigh was invited to share her music with NZ On Air and HeiHei TV in a brand new TV series "Uke Can Do It" 

Watch the young musician as she creates a song in the studio with her New Zealand music idol Jamie McDell - OUT NOW!

Interview and Performance on the Cath Vincent Talk Show

Interview with Smokefree Rockquest 2019

Where Marianne Leigh placed 1st in the Nationwide Songwriting Competition

Check out other interviews and performance on Marianne's YouTube Channel!

Radio Performances

Interview and Performance on RNZ

Radio New Zealand

Marianne Leigh was interviewed by Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand and played her single "Could've Been The One" live.

Live on Australian Radio

AMR Australia

Marianne Leigh's hit single 'sweet goodbyes' aired on Australian radio when she was just 18 years old.

She features 18 minutes in.

Live on Planet FM 104.6 FM


Listen to Marianne Leigh at 16 years old - performing her debut single 'Best of Me' and interviewed about her musical journey.

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