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EP 'simple things'

Marianne Leigh's indie-pop EP 'simple things' is out NOW, featuring hit singles 'sweet goodbyes' and 'suddenly'.

Authenticity beams through Marianne Leigh’s connection, vast musical space and raw artistry.” - NZ Musician Magazine

Marianne Leigh is an acoustic indie-pop artist writing catchy tunes about genuine human emotions and experiences. She speaks to the soul with her meaningful lyrics and connects to listeners through her narrative songwriting style. Leigh's songs discuss the struggles of a naive youth, the ups and downs of love, and learning life lessons.


She is a versatile artist, her authenticity heard in both her emotional ballads and upbeat singles. The 18-year-old placed first in the nationwide Smokefree Rockquest competition with her single "Best of Me" in 2019, and brought her talent to TV on the What Now and Cath Vincent TV Shows.


She is a three-time finalist of the Play It Strange songwriting competitions and was mentored by award-winning NZ musician Bic Runga. “Authenticity beams through Marianne Leigh’s connection, vast musical space and raw artistry." - NZ Musician Magazine.

Jesse Mulligan interviewed Leigh about her single “Could’ve Been The One” on RNZ where she played it live. The songstress featured on the 'Uke Can Do It' TV series working alongside music icon Jamie McDell on their single 'Streetlights'.


This past year, Marianne Leigh was invited to perform at the Working Style fashion show, had her single broadcast on TheHits and Australian radio, and been booked to perform at Sanctuary Sounds Festival this December. She has also performed at The Big Gay Out, VIBE and Earth Beat festivals.


Her latest single 'Sweet Goodbyes' is a refreshing, hook-laden slice of indie-pop. With a highly addictive chorus; equally infectious melodies; punchy drums and guitar, ‘Sweet Goodbyes’ takes its influence from strong female 70s rock bands.

Following the successful release, Leigh brings us 'suddenly. The piano ballad encompasses young love, showcasing her lyrical talent, her being just 17 years old when she wrote it solo.


As Marianne Leigh reveals her new music and innovative sound this year, she solidifies her unique place in the music industry.